Conference Review

ICBLS2022 and MEDLIFE2022 were successfully held online on November 27, 2022. Experts and scholars from related research fields in domestic universities participated in the meeting and carried out academic exchanges. During the meeting, all the participants actively and enthusiastically expressed their unique insights on the theme of the meeting and exchanged experience with each other.

Keynote Speeches

Below are some keynote speeches delivered at the conference:

Keynote Speeches Dr. Hailong An

Keynote Speeches1:Dr. Hailong An

Institute of Biophysics, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin, China

Speech Topic: Structure, Function and Drug Discovery Targeting ANO1

Keynote Speeches Dr. Hailong An Keynote Speeches Dr. Hailong An

Oral Presentation Session

Below are some oral presentations delivered at the conference:

Oral Presenter

Speech Topic

Pu Yinying

Sono-controllable and ROS-sensitive CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing for Augmented/Synergistic Ultrasound Tumor Nanotherapy

Liu Shiqi

Improved Stability and Aqueous Solubility of β-carotene via Encapsulation in Self-assembled Bioactive Oleanolic Acid Nanoparticles

Chen Hao

Identification of three Chinese herbal medicines and their adulterants based on allele-specific diagnostic PCR

Zhang Jinping

Changes of Tannin and Saponin Components in Camellia Oleifera Abel Shell and Seed Cake During Co-composting

  • Oral: Pu Yinying

    Pu Yinying

  • Oral: Liu Shiqi

    Liu Shiqi

  • Oral: Chen Hao

    Chen Hao

  • Oral: Zhang Jinping

    Zhang Jinping

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